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Trapping Coyotes Could Lead to Far Better Hunting [VIDEO]

Some say trapping coyotes is the most effective way to eliminate them from a property.

Coyotes prey on deer, turkeys, squirrels and rabbits and many land managers want these predators removed. Predation of deer fawns is particularly high in the southeast where only one in four fawns survives three months. Trapping coyotes has proven to be the best way of reducing their numbers on a property.

Watch this short video to get an idea of what it takes to fool these wary predators.

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It is important to remember that once coyotes have been removed from a property, new coyotes will likely repopulate it. Therefore, trapping coyotes just prior to fawning season is the best way to limit their impact on fawn survival rates.

Hunters can also help the deer herd by targeting older aged bucks. When a deer herd has a balanced age structure, the breeding and fawning seasons are shorter. This causes predators like coyotes to be overwhelmed by the amount of prey available all at once and increases fawn survival rates.

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Trapping Coyotes Could Lead to Far Better Hunting [VIDEO]