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Trapped Whale Sharks Set Free by Divers [PICS]

All images via Caters News Agency

Whale sharks trapped inside fishermen nets are set free by divers.

Two whale sharks were stuck off the Mafia Island in Tanzania and two divers help get the sharks untangled.

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Photographer Simon Pierce, who is the Principal Scientist for the Marine Megafauna Foundation captured the amazing event on camera.



The photographs of these mammoth whale sharks are incredible.



Divers Chris Rohner and Clare Pebble finally free the sharks.

There were a total of two sharks in the net. An eight-meter long adult and a five-meter adolescent.




The images are extremely high-quality and emulate the experience.



This picture shows the whale sharks finally being untangled.

Here go the whale sharks swimming freely. These folks are certainly good samaritans.



The whale sharks were in the area because fishing nets usually mean that there are small fish and shrimp that the sharks see as a potential free meal.

All images via Caters News Agency


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Trapped Whale Sharks Set Free by Divers [PICS]