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Train to Hunt Movement Makes It to TV [VIDEO]

The popular Train to Hunt movement, founded by former collegiate baseball player Kenton Clairmont, has made it to television with a new show on the Sportsman's Channel.

As you might imagine, there's plenty in common between the functions of training to compete in high-level athletics--or even if you're a serious weekend warrior--and the Train to Hunt hunter's training program has realized and capitalized on these similarities.

Founded in 2013, Train to Hunt provides fitness programs, workouts and challenges specifically tailored to the goals of hunters of all ages to help them become more physically fit and to take advantage of the hunt at their highest capability:

Their popular Challenge Courses, which combine physical tests and hunting skill, seem to be a smart and unique approach to reach out to hunters which are concerned with physical fitness and how it affects their performance. Needless to say, that concern has become common as hunters of all walks of life look to find an edge.

In fact, it's become such a movement that Train to Hunt debuted on the Sportsman's Channel, and looks to be a popular new option for outdoor television viewers.

It's an interesting concept, and one that's caught on across the country, catching the attention of fans on YouTube where the company first built a following, and earning them a show on the Sportsman's Channel which debuted earlier this week.

If you're looking on ways to get more fit as a hunter, this is definitely a good place to start.

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Train to Hunt Movement Makes It to TV [VIDEO]