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Train to Hunt: Becoming the Ultimate Predator

If you’re looking to elevate your hunting ability to the next level, it is time to train to hunt and become the ultimate predator.

Hunting is a sport experiencing huge changes in the past few decades. As a kid growing up I didn’t know any bow hunters, most hunters didn’t own a stitch of camouflage, and a trail cam was unheard of. Today, hunting is growing in popularity all over the country and the new participants are changing the way people view the sport.

Exercise is one major trend becoming especially popular with modern hunters. For a variety of reasons people are hitting the gym, waking up for an early morning jog, or doing a workout routine in their basement before work. In one way or another people train to hunt, a phenomenon we’ve never seen before.

One such company that has really changed the game when it comes to hunting fitness is Train to Hunt, owned and operated by Kenton Clairmont.

Check out this video to see Kenton explain why he created Train to Hunt.

Why is the ‘train to hunt’ mentality of exercising for hunting becoming so popular? Probably for a variety of reasons but here are a few big ones.

The first is that guys like Cameron Hanes and Dwight Schuh are exceptional hunters and have both spent a great deal of time and energy promoting the idea people should train to hunt. Both spend an extraordinary amount of time in the back country, and going into those hunts out of shape is not an option if they want to be successful. With two outstanding hunters like Hanes and Schuh promoting exercise, it’s no wonder it has become so popular.

Also, as a whole, our country is becoming more aware of the innumerable benefits of exercise. Exercise will not only make you feel better throughout the day, but will prolong your life, and add to your well being as you age. People understand this and train to hunt because if they are going to exercise it might as well help them hunt.

Another dimension of this is that people are working more and more sedentary jobs. My dad has a saying that “some people wear out, and some people rust out.” More and more people today are working jobs that make them rust out, which means more and more people are looking to include some physical activity into their day. Training to hunt can add that activity.

Another reason more people train to hunt than ever before is that more and more people are giving backcountry hunts a try. As I mentioned before, just going into these hunts is not an option if you want to be successful. Being in great shape does not guarantee you will be successful, but it will add gas to the tank.

Finally, many people train to hunt because they realize it increases their odds of success no matter the hunt. I can’t possibly think of one scenario where being in worse shape will actually benefit a hunter in the field.

If you are looking to get involved in a ‘train to hunt’ program, but don’t know where to start, here is week one of Train to Hunt’s No Shape to Elk Shape workout.

The biggest key when it comes to exercising for a hunt is to start early. Don’t hesitate to get started on you training program for the next year. Invest some time now and you will not only experience the benefits throughout the year, but you will increase your odds for success for next fall’s hunt.


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Train to Hunt: Becoming the Ultimate Predator