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How to Train Your Dog to Catch Your Lobster Dinner


Alex Schulze explains how he trains his dogs to dive from the boat and catch lobster from the ocean floor.

While some dog owners have trained their pets to find truffles or retrieve ducks, Devoted to the Ocean‘s Cofounder Alex Schulze trained his dogs how to dive down and catch lobster, and this amazing video footage shows them in action. These dogs have become the envy of duck hunters, fishermen and pet lovers.

One of two partners of the “Devocean” conservation group, Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze grew up in South Florida. Both of them being students of Florida Atlantic University, they turned their style of beach jewelry into an opportunity to raise awareness and funding for efforts to protect sea turtles, while providing an alternative to cheap, plastic souvenirs with hand-made jewelry from an artist that shared their vision.

Devocean Jewelry proudly donates 20% of net profits from necklaces to Sea Turtle Rescue and Ocean Conservation Programs through the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center’s conservation group.

You can follow Devocean on Instagram, or go to their website, where you can show your support for their conservation efforts. Schulze’s how-to instructional video explains step-by-step how he trained his dog to retreive lobsters from the ocean floor.

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How to Train Your Dog to Catch Your Lobster Dinner