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Trail Camera Fight Night: Bobcats vs. Coyotes

When your trail camera captures two bobcats and two coyotes together, you’re gonna watch a fight. See what happens when predators of equal caliber battle.

A trail camera is one of the most effective hunting tools we have ever created, and once you put motion sensitive electronics in the woods, you never know what you may capture on video.

Watch what happens when tooth and cunning meets claw and fang.

Maybe I spoke too soon about the toughness of the wild cat because one of them was up that tree before you could say “up that tree.”

His buddy, on the other hand, was ready, willing, and able to take on two coyotes all by his lonesome!

Coyotes are wily and cunning, but when you throw one nasty bobcat in the mix, they might just think twice about sticking their noses in too close. Wouldn’t we all have loved to see more of this fight night video!


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Trail Camera Fight Night: Bobcats vs. Coyotes