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Trail Camera Captures Two Whitetail Bucks Sparring [VIDEO]

You never know what your trail camera will capture. In this case, two bucks take center stage for a bit of early season sparring action!

It is always a thrill to check what my trail cameras capture.

The excitement of the unknown, the giddy feeling I get as I wait for the images or videos to load on the computer, is akin to waking up early Christmas morning as a kid.

My trail cameras went out for the first time this season September 20. I retrieved the memory cards four days later.

Much to my surprise, the first two video clips (out of 38 in total) showcased this cool sparring match between two whitetail bucks.

This certainly wasn't a violent, no-holds barred battle. Those will happen in a few weeks.

No, this was more of a shoving match, similar to what you would find on a playground between two pre-teen boys.

I give the smaller buck credit. He certainly didn't back down from the big fella. Until the end that is.

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Trail Camera Captures Two Whitetail Bucks Sparring [VIDEO]