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Big Boss Rival Bucks Caught on Trail Cam [VIDEO]

As this trail cam video shows, there might be a nice 8-point standing there, but he may not be the biggest buck out there.

The invention of the trail camera has opened up the woods for hunters and outdoor lovers of every kind.

Here is another case of seeing is believing.

Watch for a tell-tale sign on that eight-point as he turns. When you see his ears start to lower, you know something is up.

That’s a nice size deer with a big body, but he’s not the only one with a nice rack. You can hear him sniffing for his rival if you turn up the volume a bit.

The only thing better would have been to see them go at it, but that eight-pointer didn’t want to fight on that night.

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Big Boss Rival Bucks Caught on Trail Cam [VIDEO]