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Trail Cam Helps Find Naked Man on LSD Who Thought He Was a Tiger

trail cam
All photos from the Daily Mail

LSD is a crazy drug... these trail camera photos make that clear as day.

In a strange case coming from the Czech Republic, a naked man high on LSD was captured on a trail cam by foresters trying to determine what local wildlife was in the area. As it turned out, they got more than they bargained for. After seeing the photos, they quickly turned the pics over to the police, who captured the man in short order.

trail cam

The man, only identified as Marek H, stated that he took the LSD to help treat his depression. It was then that he started to believe he was a tiger and ran into the woods taking off all of his clothes. He then reported that he caught the scent of an animal and trailed it.

Incredibly enough, from where Marek entered the woods to where he was captured, he travelled 15 and a half miles over the course of eight hours...totally naked. 

According to the report, Marek stated he always identified with a tiger. The LSD just brought out his inner animal.

trail cam

Luckily for Marek, considering he was completely naked, no LSD or other drugs were found in his possession. However, he was fined. No other charges are pending.

That's what I call a very bad trip.

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Trail Cam Helps Find Naked Man on LSD Who Thought He Was a Tiger