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Trail Cam Captures Coyote and Bald Eagle Fighting


A trail cam in Pennsylvania caught a ferocious battle between an coyote and bald eagle over a deer carcass.

In the shot captured and shared by Reddit user blutausbeherit, a bald eagle refuses to back down from a deer carcass, taking on a coyote for the rights to the kill.

According to blutausbeherit, the shot was taken by a trail cam at the Pennsylvania state forest office where he works. The agency picks up roadkill deer, and deposits them near the forest with trail cams set up in order to study golden eagles. In this case, however, it picked up the scrap between two scavengers.

No news on who came out on top at the end of the fight, but some could say the true winner was the raven in the foreground. While the two predators distract each other, the opportunistic bird is allowed to enjoy the meal at his leisure. The raven is proof that in nature, the spoils don’t always go to the biggest or meanest animal, but the one which is most clever.


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Trail Cam Captures Coyote and Bald Eagle Fighting