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Traditional Ice Fishing in China is Quite a Spectacle [VIDEO]

People's Daily Online

China’s annual winter fishing tourism fair kicked off Dec. 28 at Qagan Lake in Mongolia. This is where you can see traditional ice fishing in China. 

Quagan Lake is one of the last places on Earth where you can see ancient traditional fishing methods at work.

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Also referred to as Holy Water Lake, the area is the only remaining region where traditional Mongolian ice-fishing methods, dating back to prehistoric times, are still in practice.

Fishermen at Qagan (pronounced Chagan) Lake drill many holes in the thick ice, then place a net underneath, catching as much as 371,500 pounds of fish in a single net.

Following a spectacular opening ceremony, the fish are auctioned to visitors.

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Traditional Ice Fishing in China is Quite a Spectacle [VIDEO]