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These Traditional Archery Trick Shots Will Make You Want to Grab Your Bow

These traditional archery trick shots are definitely something you will want to try.

Late spring and early summer sure are slow times for most archers. We do the best we can to drift through these dogs days. At this point spring seasons have fallen by the wayside and fall seasons are too far away to get real fired up about. These days can either be a welcome respite from a long fall and winter or can be days you dread.

In reality, there are a million ways a dedicated archer can stay active in their chosen pursuit. From practice, to learning more about their craft, to planning upcoming hunts, to scouring over your gear, there's always something to help pass the time. One way you can challenge yourself this summer is by practicing some trick shots in your spare time.

Watch one traditional archer's best trick shots.

Like most trick shot videos, I have to wonder how many tries some of those shots took. No doubt there were a few deleted scenes before the entire video was compiled.

Whether the guy is an expert archer matters little though. It's just cool to see he's challenging himself with new shots and keeping archery fresh. One of the best things about shooting a traditional bow is they seem to lend themselves to this type of fun shooting. From arial targets, moving targets, or fun shots like in the video, something about them seem more appealing with a traditional bow.

Whether you shoot a compound or traditional bow there are lots of ways to have fun with archery in the offseason. In the summers before children entered our lives, my wife and I used to pass the time playing an archery game in the front yard. We had an old nerf soccer ball and we'd toss it out in front of us a ways. One of us would then get the first shot at it. We'd be likely to hit it, then the ball would go careening across the yard. It's worth noting at this point we were using blunt points rather than field points for this game.

When the ball stopped, the second person would get a shot at it. As the ball got more hits, it would gradually get farther and farther away and somebody would eventually miss. Of course when you missed, you lost. We'd pick up our arrows grab the ball and start all over. It was a fun way to keep shooting, practice judging distance, and even put a tiny bit of pressure on us both.

This summer when the dog days are getting you down, try adding something new to your shooting mix. Maybe some traditional archery trick shots, maybe a shooting game, or maybe hitting up a 3-D course you've never gone to before. You're imagination and ambition really are the limit. Whatever you wind up doing, how you spend the dog days is up to you.


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These Traditional Archery Trick Shots Will Make You Want to Grab Your Bow