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Traditional Archery Sighting Tips with Clay Hayes [VIDEO]

This hybrid of a Howard Hill split-vision style and a Byron Ferguson style of traditional archery sighting may help you become a more consistent and accurate archer.

Traditional archer and bow maker Clay Hayes explains how he became a more consistently accurate archer with traditional gear.

He breaks his process down into two main steps:

  • Proper body position and form.
  • Accurate sighting using specific points of reference.

Hayes’ sums up proper body position and form:

“If you expect to become a better shot and a consistent shot with traditional tackle, you’re going to have to develop proper and good form. And what I mean by that is when you come to full draw, everything is lined up perfectly with that target, as far as your arrow, your drawing arm, your body structure…everything is headed right to that target. Now, you achieve that through something called ‘back tension.'”

Hayes then goes into detail about how your body position and mechanics of shooting should be performed in order to create “back tension.”

As for sighting, Hayes relies on shooting instinctively on the vertical plane of sighting the target, but uses the point of his arrow as a sighting marker on the horizontal plane. “Instinctive shooting” is, however, something of a misnomer, as consistency and accuracy really come from repetition and experience.

An “absolutely critical” part of this method, according to Hayes, is the position of the nock to the pupil of your eye.

“When I come to full draw,” he says, “the nock of this arrow has got to be directly under my pupil.”

It looks as though he sights directly down the arrow, using the arrow tip, in effect, as a pin. But he emphasizes that his focus is on the target itself, and he sees the arrow tip only via his peripheral vision.

If you’re struggling with consistency and accuracy, perhaps Clay Hayes’ method is the answer for you.

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Traditional Archery Sighting Tips with Clay Hayes [VIDEO]