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A Traditional Archery Mash-Up of Cool Hollywood Clips and More [VIDEO]


The world is rediscovering how cool and fun traditional archery really is.

Set to Mumford & Sons “Roll Away Your Stone,” this mash-up makes for great viewing before heading out to the backyard range or into the field.

No doubt you’ll recognize and appreciate the clips from various movies – Brave, Hunger Games, Robin Hood – and you can probably think of many more not included here.

More scenes highlight how archery has grabbed the imaginations of people all over again, like it did 100 years ago when Saxton Pope lit the archery flame, or 50 years ago when Fred Bear relit it.

This film celebrates traditional archery, but all archery is good archery. All archery tacklewhether compound or longbow, manmade or natural materialsis exciting and worthy.

The makers of this video, Archery Instinct, celebrates traditional archery in particular. They say,

There is something ancient in connecting with traditional methods which is pure and reflects the quality and the character of the archer, not the equipment.

Now grab your bow and quiver and get out there!

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A Traditional Archery Mash-Up of Cool Hollywood Clips and More [VIDEO]