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These High-Tech Shades Let You Shoot Around Corners, Record HD Video and Audio [VIDEO]

Tracking Point

TrackingPoint unveils ShotGlass, the Google Glass of hunting and fishing.

When Google Glass hit the market last year, we started thinking about how wearable technology would soon affect outdoor sports. One year later, we have a pretty good sense of how it will with TrackingPoint's new ShotGlass.

These high-tech shades allow the wearer to see and record what their compatible Tracking Point scope sees. ShotGlass features a high-definition video display, an HD camera that can record audio and video, and optical controls that allow the user to control the glasses even when wearing thick gloves.

ShotGlass only works with TrackingPoint's Precision Guided Firearms, which can tag, track and automatically fire at targets more than 1,000 yards away.

This is what a Tracking Point scope HUD looks like. Image via Tracking Point
The view through a Tracking Point scope's heads-up display. Image via Tracking Point

With ShotGlass, you could smoke a moving buck more than a hundred yards away from around a tree and be able to record proof that you pulled off such an unbelievable feat.

Wondering how any of that is possible? This TrackingPoint video released back in June shows how the wearable technology works. TrackingPoint released this video before they revealed ShotGlass, so the demo shooter is wearing Google Glass, but the idea is pretty much the same.

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ShotGlass - and other wearable shooting technology that will inevitably follow - could be incredibly beneficial as an instructional tool for hunting guides and shooting instructors.

TrackingPoint's Precision Guided Firearms make it tremendously easy to make difficult shots. A couple weeks ago, I tested TrackingPoint's XS1 and hit a target at 1,000 yards - a shot that I would never have made without the rifle's high-tech scope.

If you think this kind of technology gives the shooter too much of an advantage, consider this: people said the same thing when scopes started to replace iron sights.

Whether or not smart rifles like Precision Guided Firearms and wearable tech will become the standard for firearms in the near future is up for debate. But if history is any view into the future, this kind of tech likely will become the new standard for recreational and combat firearms, especially as the cost of the technology decreases.

Shotglass priced at $995 and will be available next March.

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These High-Tech Shades Let You Shoot Around Corners, Record HD Video and Audio [VIDEO]