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TrackingPoint Comes Back From the Dead


TrackingPoint, a Texas-based technology company focusing on high-tech rifles, is now back in business.

According to a recent announcement made by TrackingPoint, they have successfully completed restructuring the company financially and operationally following some significant financial difficulties earlier this year.

TrackingPoint, the designer and manufactorer of a new line of space age rifles, is now accepting new orders while at the same time fulfilling the lengthy list of back orders that had built up. This is great news for police and military snipers as well as civilians who enjoy being able to shoot at extreme distances.

As is common with many growing companies, it appears as though TrackingPoint grew too fast, with a reported 2014 year-on-year unit growth of 281%. Apparently, this resulted in the company outstripping its ability to properly manage operations.

As part of the company restructuring, founders John Lupher and John McHale are returning to manage the company going forward. Lupher will be the TrackingPoint Vice President of Engineering and McHale will be the company CEO.

According to McHale:

We were successful early on, so John Lupher and I decided to go back to our roots and take TrackingPoint to the next level…This is a new beginning for TrackingPoint. We will focus intently on the consumer, continue to innovate, and operate in a way that ensures long term success.

Now that it’s restructured, TrackingPoint has a five member-strong board of directors that includes Eric Olson, the first Navy SEAL to reach the rank of four-star Admiral. Olson will be leading TrackingPoint’s ongoing initiatives with the United States military.

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TrackingPoint Comes Back From the Dead