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Tracking Big Bucks With the Legendary Benoits [VIDEO]

The Benoit family has killing deep woods bucks down to a science.

The snow is flying across much of the whitetail’s range. Non-hunters always seem to think that when there is snow on the ground, we hunters are out tracking deer. The truth is that most of us are still perched in our stands or blinds.

The Benoit family has a long tradition of killing huge big woods bucks. Like many fathers, Larry Benoit took his sons hunting and taught them the finer points of the whitetail woods.

The Benoits take the Old School approach and follow buck tracks until they find the maker.

Check out this clip to see some of the big bucks they pull from deep in the northeastern woods.

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What is uncommon about the Benoits is their consistent success in bagging big, mature bucks. By the time Larry Benoit’s book, How to Kill the Biggest Buck of Your Life, came out in 1973, he had killed 41 bucks in 41 years, with an average weight of his bucks running 194 pounds.

Lanny and Shane Benoit have taken more than 150 bucks weighing at least 200 pounds in the big woods of Canada, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. What is even more impressive is that all of the bucks were taken on public land.

The Benoits continue to kill huge big woods bucks every year, all the while making videos, writing books and speaking at seminars to share their unique style of deer hunting. To purchase products or book the Benoits to speak at your event, visit their website:

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Tracking Big Bucks With the Legendary Benoits [VIDEO]