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This is Man Stuff: See This Toyota Sienna Turned into the UUV


A Toyota Sienna minivan is built into an Ultimate Utility Vehicle for the man who doesn't want to be forced to turn in his man-card.

Here is a Toyota Sienna minivan body lifted onto a Toyota Tacoma 4x4 truck chassis, and then outfitted with a few bells and whistles to create an Ultimate Untility Vehicle (UUV). It's really quite something.

Although our narrator says that this is a concept vehicle and will never be built for production, it does show what you can do with various pieces of automotives.

They start out with 4-inches of lift and 15-inches of travel underneath. Pretty impressive. They've also placed an N-Fab winch bumper onto the front of the vehicle.

I'm not crazy about the rear pop out doors, but they apparently did that so that the doors clear the rear fender flares.

There's a wrap-around rear wheel steel bumper, which is cool. Up top they had a roofrack that is hefty enough to hold whatever it is you might choose to carry. There's also a night vision camera system on the roof.

Our narrator was not able to get a look under the hood, but he reckoned that they had installed a 3.5L V6 with a direct port injection and a 6 Speed Automatic Transmission. It's not the be all and end all of off road mods, but it does give you a pretty sweet idea of some of what can be done with customizing a production line minivan.


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This is Man Stuff: See This Toyota Sienna Turned into the UUV