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Toyota Land Cruiser Tries an Unbelievably Deep Water Crossing

Would you try this deep water crossing, where the water comes up to over the level of your Toyota Land Cruiser’s windows? This is just plain crazy!

“Alright mate, we’re gonna come through.” That’s it, that’s the call this bloke makes on his Toyota’s CB to his friends on the far – far – side of the flood bank.

Between them and him is what looks like a couple hundred yards of muddy brown water. And who knows how deep it is? He’s got a Toyota Land Cruiser and a guy sitting next to him urging the vehicle to “Come on! Come on! Come on!”

It’s gonna be tight!

Yes! Yeah, that’s right! We’ve got a Toyota-Freaking-Land-Cruiser!

As the water rose…and rose…and covered the chassis. Man, I thought they were done in. But the Land Cruiser kept on grinding and finally began to pull out of it.

Whew! That was tight!

This fun scene was brought to you by the flooded Northwest Territories in Australia, and the ever-reliable, ‘undrownable’, Toyota Land Cruiser.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Tries an Unbelievably Deep Water Crossing