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Toxic Algae Could Be ‘Massively Destructive’ to Washington’s Coast [VIDEO]

An unprecedented bloom of toxic algae might be more detrimental to West Coast fisheries than previously thought.

The fishing and tourism industries in Washington and the surrounding area are facing a bloom of toxic algae miles long, and it’s showing no signs of slowing it’s growth and effect.

Known as Pseudo-nitzschia, the species of algae can harm or kill wildlife affected by the toxins it produces.

Marine mammals are showing possible indications of seizures, and that’s a major step if proven to be caused by the algae’s toxin.

Domoic acid was previously thought to be water soluble and therefore “flushable” out of an organism’s system. However, a consistent build up of the acid in fish has proven that theory inaccurate.

Long term effects could be unheard of, which raises the question, what can be done about the toxic algae we know so little about?

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Toxic Algae Could Be ‘Massively Destructive’ to Washington’s Coast [VIDEO]