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Tourists Scramble as Whale Watching Boat Crashes into Shore

This is not what comes to mind when planning a whale watching trip. 

Incredible footage has surfaced from Belgium showing a whale watching boat coming into port when something goes very wrong. For unknown reasons, the motor on the tourist vessel does not stop and the boat keeps veering towards shore. Suddenly, tourists in the path of the ship on land realize the boat just isn’t going to stop.

Watch this shocking footage and see for yourself what happens when a whale watching boat collides with concrete.

Hopefully none of the people on the “Hornblower” were injured. With a stop that sudden, it would hard to believe there wasn’t some people that were at least knocked down. The same goes with those shocked people on that walkway.

What I find almost more incredible is that the boat in the video was able to handle an impact like that and still look mostly intact. Granted, it put a good dent in the concrete, but it more or less absorbed that shock like a champ.

Even if those people saw 100 whales while out on the tour, it will be the ride home that they will never forget.



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Tourists Scramble as Whale Watching Boat Crashes into Shore