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Tourists Dig Trench for Dramatic Great White Rescue Attempt [VIDEO]


These folks on a Cape Cod beach tried to save a great white shark, but their efforts were foiled. 

In very dramatic footage from over the Labor Day weekend, a beached great white shark was nearly saved by beachgoers on Whitecrest Beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, the shark didn't make it, but not for lack of trying on these people's part.

Here's another angle of the same scene.

It was suggested that the shark may have lost its bearing in the shallow water and zigged when it should have zagged, resulting in landing on the beach. Once people found the shark, they dug the pit around it and started covering it in water to keep it wet.

However, there is only so much you can do for a fish out of water, and this was the case for the shark in the video.

Still, it was a tremendous effort, a seemingly well-organized execution, and a good reminder that we live in a wild world, and the intersection between humans and animals gets stronger by the day.

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Tourists Dig Trench for Dramatic Great White Rescue Attempt [VIDEO]