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This Legendary Hyena Is Tougher Than You’d Imagine

This hyena suffers not one or two, but three brutal attacks by a lion. Does he make it?

The unforgiving wildlife of Africa is perhaps more documented than any other place on Earth.  At the center of this struggle over life and death is the epic ongoing battle between lions and hyenas.

Though smaller, scraggly, and much less majestic, the hyena actually frequently antagonizes lions over food, sometimes coming out as the victor.  With legendary bite strength and Rocky Balboa toughness the video below shows just why lions have such animosity towards the hyena.

As the group of hyena retreat from the threat of the lion pride, one, unfortunately, is caught by a dominating male lion.  Though vicious and promisingly fatal, the attack by the male lion fails to initially kill the hardened hyena.

With an enduring instinct to survive the now 3-legged hyena attempts to escape the lions but is brutally attacked two more times through the night and in to the next morning.  The final attack appears to certainly end it as the lion clamps down with a suffocating throat hold.

As a vulture hops over to the seemingly dead hyena, he rallies one more time, securing his balance on 3 limbs and loping off to safety.

Though you may despise their ugliness, you have to love the tenacity.


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This Legendary Hyena Is Tougher Than You’d Imagine