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Are You Tough Enough for a 2 Bore Rifle? [VIDEO]

Your deer rifle is puny. Watch the blast on this 2 bore rifle.

Time to step up to a real rifle in 2 bore.

This black powder rifle is ridiculously powerful. One of the shooters in this video was quoted saying “When you pull the trigger, it’s like presiding over your own personal earthquake.”

Back in the old black powder days the best option was often the heaviest chunk of lead you could possibly launch.

Smokeless powder and high velocity bullets did not exist. The monstrous black powder rifles and smooth bore shotguns launching a single chunk of lead was as good as it got.

This was the African safari gun of long ago for charging elephants and thick-skinned, toothy animals.

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Are You Tough Enough for a 2 Bore Rifle? [VIDEO]