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How Tough is a Cheap Hi-Point Pistol? Find Out Today

You want a knockaround gun that you don't have to worry about getting damaged? The cheap Hi-Point might just be the ticket, but just how tough is it?

When we think about what you usually look for in a pistol, you might think about fit, grip, capacity, size, or any other number of variables. What we don't usually think about is how tough a gun is; how much crap can you put it through and it just keep firing. To find out Demolition Ranch took a "cheap Hi-Point" pistol, the cheapest gun in the store, and put it through the ringer.

As much as there are probably quite a few things that we might not like about a cheap Hi-Point .40, the results speak for itself. This seems like the kind of weapon that you can literally store almost anywhere, throw around, and find that it just keeps doing it's job. That's really all you can ask for in a pistol, and the fact that it's affordable for pretty much anyone to purchase makes it even better.

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