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Freaky 'Sea Devil' Fish Will Creep You Out [VIDEO]

This creepy sea devil may look like something out of a nightmare, but it's alive and well 1,900 feet below the ocean's surface.

Most have only seen the melanocetis, also known as the anglerfish or the "black sea devil," through its appearance in "Finding Nemo." But researchers at California's Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute have finally captured images of it alive and in its home depth for the first time on video, thanks to a deep-diving research vehicle.

This particular sea devil is known to be a female since its male counterpart is not only smaller but lacks the "fishing rod" on top of its head used for capturing food. The females also have huge, fanged jaws capable of devouring larger prey, although this particular girl is missing a tooth.

Happy nightmares!

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If you're totally creeped out, just remember the anglerfish is only about nine centimeters long, so she's not nearly so frightening up close and in person.


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Freaky 'Sea Devil' Fish Will Creep You Out [VIDEO]