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Total Archery Challenge: 3-D Shoots That Will Test Your Skill

These Total Archery Challenge 3-D shoots push archer's skills to the limits.

The offseason is understandably slow for archers. With nothing to hunt in the hot summer months but carp, some shooters can begin to develop an itch that only their bow can scratch.

This is also the time of year when many begin to tire of a standard archery range practice session. At some point you need a change up and a challenging 3-D shoot may be just the ticket.

3-D shoots have become tremendously popular over the past decade or so with the explosion of 3-D targets hitting the market. One set of 3-D events that are designed to push archers beyond their limits are the Total Archery Challenge shoots.

This brief video gives a snippet of what Total Archery Challenge shoots are all about.

You get the idea. Long shots, insane angles, and beyond real-life situations. That is what the Total Archery Challenge is all about.

This summer there are a handful of events to choose from. By visiting their website you can take a look at the various events they are hosting and see if one is nearby.

The event that annually catches the most press is their shoot at Snowbird, Utah. This event is different from their other events due to its shear size. It was the shoot portrayed in video of this post. The dates for The Bird this year are July 15-17 for anyone interested in shooting.

3-D shoots are a great way to push yourself in the offseason and hone your skills. They amp up the intensity of your standard practice session and they get the competitive juices flowing.

Combine the added pressure of a large shoot with extreme landscapes, and you will no doubt have an experience like no other.


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Total Archery Challenge: 3-D Shoots That Will Test Your Skill