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Tortoise Comes to the Rescue of Overturned Friend [VIDEO]


Check out this amazing footage of one tortoise flipping over another tortoise that found itself stuck upside down.

Tortoises can live for a very long time. Apparently, they manage to learn a thing or two during that time, as evidenced by this video from AuDi Yu. While on a field trip with his daughter to the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan, Yu recorded the tortoise rescue seen in the video.

The hero of the video approaches his overturned comrade and proceeds to get in position for his rescue attempt. The tortoise uses his head to push his friend in the right direction. After several attempts to get his friend back on all fours, the hero tortoise finally succeeds.

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The hero in this video definitely deserved the cheering from the onlookers once his mission was a success.

Hopefully, he got some particularly crunchy lettuce for dinner that night for his job well done.

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Tortoise Comes to the Rescue of Overturned Friend [VIDEO]