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Topeka Man Stops Three Armed Robbers in Academy Sports and Outdoors [VIDEO]

Customer at Academy Sports and Outdoors stops three armed robbers with his gun.

Not even two weeks after Governor Brownback approved the law allowing Kansas citizens to carry without a permit, a man intervened in an armed robbery at an Academy Sports and Outdoors store in Topeka.

Joey Tapley, 24, told WIBW that he was at the checkout counter purchasing bullets when he heard loud bangs. He looked over to see three teenage males stealing rifles and cash. Tapley followed the three suspects outside of the store and drew his own weapon, demanding them to drop the guns.

“I told him drop the gun man, mine is loaded, just drop the gun. We made eye contact for a second or two and he dropped two guns and ran,” Tapley said.

Thanks to Tapley stepping in, all of the weapons and cash stolen were recovered and the three suspects were taken to a juvenile center on assault, burglary, and robbery charges. An unidentified woman was found with the boys when authorities arrived. She was booked on conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery.

We can only imagine what these rifles were going to be used for, and thankfully we will never have to find out. Who knows how many lives Tapley saved simply because his state allows him to carry.

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Topeka Man Stops Three Armed Robbers in Academy Sports and Outdoors [VIDEO]