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Here's Some Topwater Pike Action to Get You Through Your Day

Spring is upon us and there is no better time to chase giant northern pike as they move into shallow water.

To keep you motivated here is the trailer and full video of some action packed pike attacks!

As the weather warms, and these long toothy predators move into shallow water to spawn, now is the time to get out there and chase them. After watching these videos, you'll soon be stocking your fly box and grabbing your fishing rod.

In a few months, these aggressive fish will be done spawning and they will move back into deeper water. During spring however, these fish are easier to get to. Sight fishing is a big tactic right now, with canoes and paddle boats enabling anglers to get into back channels and marshes.

This is where you might find one of these prehistoric-looking behemoths and if you put something big and full of action in front of it, you might just be in for the fight of your life.

Even if you're not seeing fish, a good top-water popper or lure worked along the meeting of shallow edges and deeper water will usually produce results.

Wire leaders are a must for these vampires and when you're handling them, be sure and watch out for their teeth and gill rakes. But isn't this a small risk compared to the thrill of watching these water wolves inhale your fly?  I think so.


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Here's Some Topwater Pike Action to Get You Through Your Day