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10 Antler Decoration Styles to Inspire Your Shed Finds


We scoured Pinterest looking for the coolest antler designs and this is what we found.

I'm not sure if the rise in shed hunting has led to the rise in antler motif or if the rise in antler decoration has led to the rise in shed hunting. Either way, it's a win-win for lovers of bone. Whether you use these designs to inspire your own creation or you use them to fuel your next hiking excursion, we hope you enjoy the best of Pinterest - antler edition!

In no particular order, let's start with four simple and sweet designs by Irina Mitrofanova . In the interest of lists, we'll only count similar styles as one.

1. Simplicity rules

antler 1

2. Antler mounts for the win

antler 5antler 8

These antler mounts, by greenwolf and iconosquare, are incredible. These must have taken some time!

3. Twist on the classics

antler 6antler 17

These two may be my favorite by Robert Long. A new twist on a classic and clean skull mount.

4. Style and function

antler 3

If you're looking for style and function, check out this table by Peterson Woodworks. A great way to admire those hard earned sheds and keep them out of the way at the same time.

5. Moose antlers stand alone

antler 7

You may have seen this one before but I couldn't keep it off the list. Every time I look at, it amazes me. There's just something special about moose antlers! By Linda Chumbley.

6. Festival ready?

antler 19

This is a design that I believe truly captures the animal spirit, by Flikr.

Just kidding. Don't do this or anything like this. Ever.

7. A big name in a small world

antler 10

Some of you are probably familiar with Shed Hunting babez. They're a pretty big name in the shed hunting world and they make some cool antler products. What's great about this design is that anyone can do it. Simple, elegant and a great way to showcase your sheds!

8. Detailed antler carvings

antler 11antler 12

And if you're into the super detailed - antler carvings like these always catch the eye by Google and molempire.

9. Total transformation

antler 13

This next one blows me away. Using antlers to resemble the animals that wore them is one thing. Using them in a completely unique and artistic expression is something else entirely. This was posted by minushabensblog.

10. No, really, a total transformation

antler 14antler 15

And finally, to wrap it all up, here are two simple but attractive designs that turn an ordinary trophy or find into something different and cutting edge. These are posted by etsy and ebay.

This list could have gone on forever. That's the great thing about antlers and the people who collect them. We never seem to run out of uses or ideas. If you see any that we missed or have some favorites of your own, let us know!


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10 Antler Decoration Styles to Inspire Your Shed Finds