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‘Top Shot’: Where to Watch All the Full Episodes [PICS]

Watch marksmen use astonishing skill to complete a variety of shooting challenges and learn about the familiar and not-so-familiar weapons they use on ‘Top Shot.’

“Top Shot” is a television show that first aired on the History Channel in 2010. Although the show does not air any longer, you can still see all the episodes of its five season run.

The show consists of 16 contestants that compete in various shooting challenges against one another to show their skills and expertise using a range of weapons. Contestants use weapons ranging from firearms such as handguns, pistols, rifles, grenade launders, and bows to thrown weapons such as knives and hatchets.

Top Shot Season 5

The show starts out with two teams of eight. At the end of each show, both teams vote to send one of their team members to the elimination challenge. The two that were voted face off in an elimination challenge and the loser goes home.

When there are only eight contestants left, the teams disappear and each contestant now works individually. The worst performer of each challenge goes home. The last one remaining is the winner of “Top Shot” and $100,000.

Here is where you can catch the entire series.

Season 1

Top Shot Season 1

Season one starts with contestants weaving through an obstacle course using unfamiliar rifles from different eras. The show ends with a long-distance sniper elimination challenge.

Watch season one here.

Season 2

Top Shot Season 2

A few different perks show up in season two of “Top Shot.” The winner of each elimination round receives a $2,000 gift card to Bass Pro Shops. When the contestants merge into one team, the winner of every individual challenge receives immunity from elimination for that day.

Watch season two here.

Season 3

Top Shot Season 3

The two teams for season three are chosen differently than previous season. A preliminary challenge is held and the winner and loser of each face off joins the Red Team or Blue Team, respectively.

Watch season three here.

Season 4

Top Shot Season 4

Season four of “Top Shot” starts out with 18 contestants instead of 16. Another preliminary challenge is held, similar to season three, and two contestants are eliminated immediately.

This season’s winner not only wins $100,000, but also the opportunity to become a professional shooter sponsored by Bass Pro Shops.

Watch season four here.

Season 5

Top Shot Season 5

Season five is the final season of “Top Shop” and consists of bigger prizes and more skill. There are no teams and the show consists of all previous contestants including the winners of the all the previous seasons.

Incredible weapons are used in this season including the rifle used in the Nazi invasion, a Tactical OBR with 20-round magazines, and so much more.

Watch season five here.

If you want to see amazing marksmen show incredible skill, “Top Shot” is the show for you. You will see a variety of weapons used with great accuracy and skill and will make you wish you were a contestant on.

Read and watch more about the show at the History Channel and test out your own skills with the Top Shop Game.

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‘Top Shot’: Where to Watch All the Full Episodes [PICS]