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Top Shot Dustin Ellerman Reviews RSR Shooting Trees

RSR Steel targets

RSR Shooting Targets let you send thousands of rounds down range and even let you customize your kit.

Dustin shows some great features not seen yet on other steel targets. Modular options allow you to customize your shooting trees are very important and can help you save money. Likewise if you have a better budget to spend then you can definitely be sure to add those features you want to focus on in your training.

Being able to shoot steel with your AR15 rifles is a huge add on that will allow you train more efficiently. Giving you audible feedback is critical as you wont have to run down range to see if your impacts on paper landed as you intended. Shooting steel incorporates your visual senses by giving you feed back and watching the target swing back and forth and actually reset on its self.

Audible feedback is huge also and you can begin to hone in your senses to hear how impacts should sound at distance. Naturally, the farther back you go the slower the response is going to be heard. You will also be able to audibly tell the difference if you impact on steel versus the dirt. When shooting in real life applications you want to be able to differentiate the sounds of your impacts.

Listening and seeing the small details will make you a superior rifleman and can also help you in many different situations. Stay safe and keep training.


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Top Shot Dustin Ellerman Reviews RSR Shooting Trees