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4 Top Saltwater Flies for the Summer

Saltwater fly fishing in the summer can be off the charts! Here are this summer’s top saltwater flies to get you on the right track.

With summer now coming into full swing it is time to start planning out trips to the gulf coast in search of trout and redfish. If this will be your first attempt at salt water fly fishing, I highly advise doing your due diligence and research where you will be traveling thoroughly to ensure a good trip. It also won’t be a bad idea to bring along a couple of these flies to make sure you have your best shot at getting a fish to take. Here are the top saltwater flies that should have a permenant residence in your fly box.

1. Clouser Minnow

The “Clouser Minnow” is a world-renowned fly that should be in your fly box, no matter the situation. This goes double for saltwater situation. With the profile to match a vast variety of baitfish in the water it proves over and over to be one of the most versatile flies.

Chartreuse seems to be the top color for saltwater action in Texas and all over the United States quite frankly. It wouldn’t hurt to have some darker shades in your arsenal as well.

2. Redfish Crack

The “Redfish Crack” has to be hands down one of the most productive flies when targeting redfish. The fly was developed in Texas to bring fish to hand in tough conditions.

Andy Packmore really seemed to align all the stars in the universe with this one. The fly causes all sorts of ruckus in the water, making it a great choice for all water conditions. Make sure you grab a handful on your next excursion to the coast.

3. Megalolipop

The “Megalolipop” is one of the liveliest patterns out there. Talk about making fish want to engulf the thing. Nick Davis of 239 flies has these dialed down to a science. Throw these out anywhere near your intended target and watch as curiosity sparks. There is something about the materials used that really make it pulsate beautifully in the water.

4. Grand Slam Crab

The “Grand Slam Crab” I received as a stocking stuffer in my beginning years of fly fishing. I believe it was from Orvis and I didn’t know what exactly I was going to do with it. This fly sparked the first outings to the coast and has always had a designated spot in saltwater fly box. It has caught flounder, trout and redfish. Many people swear by it! This is a fly best fished slow and on the bottom.

Having any of these top saltwater flies will greatly improve your odds on the water. Go out and grab a couple and watch the magic go to work!


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4 Top Saltwater Flies for the Summer