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Use These Top Redfish Techniques and Catch Your Limit


Ssshhh be as quiet as possible, we are going to talk about top redfish techniques.

Probably the most important point to get across when it comes to redfish is that being stealthy will get you closer without spooking that Big Bull Red!

These are just a few tips that will help you when fishing artificial baits for redfish.

The Approach

These fish are so sensitive they can even feel the pressure as your boat pushes through the water. Dropping your rod butt on the deck, closing hatches, putting the trolling motor down… these small noises in your boat are magnified throughout the water and will continually move the fish farther from you as you go.

You will see many flats fishermen get out of their boats and wade, because then they can get into much skinnier water and it is a far quieter way to travel!

To target redfish, try fishing the mouths of creeks or streams on an outgoing tide. Reds like to ambush the bait as it flows from the flats and mangroves through these outlets.

On an incoming tide, try and get up in those creeks as far as you can. Reds are known for getting into skinny water to feed when the tide is up.

The Strategy

You don’t need heavy rods or 30 pound test for redfish. Rig as light as possible so you can get that extra long cast and reach the fish that are farther away, and therefore not skittish of your presence.

Photo Via Florida SportsmanAll you need is a 10 -15 pound test line with a two to three foot, 20 pound fluorocarbon or monofilament leader for abrasion resistance and to keep from spooking the fish .

If your fishing topwater, patience will usually pay off. There are a lot of times that letting your lure pause after making a few pops, dives or zigzags will produce that topwater explosion you’re looking for.

Jigging across the bottom can be very productive. 1/4 oz, 1/8 oz, 3/8 oz jig heads are the favored sizes, with a soft 3 inch plastic shad type bait attached.

Bouncing them off the sandy bottom with quick twitches of your rod tip will keep stirring the bottom each time it lands, driving those reds crazy. If you’re on a grass bed, less weight is better. Bring or twitch your rod tip up, lifting your bait out of the grass and letting it sink back down.

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Use These Top Redfish Techniques and Catch Your Limit