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5 Trapping Essentials You Don't Want to be Without

Toby Walrath

Buying trapping supplies is a necessary part of running a successful trapline.

Knowing which trapping supplies to spend your money on and which to avoid can save you money in the short run and make you money in the long run.

1. Good lure

Don't skimp on second rate lures. Good lure makers have often been in business for decades - and for good reason. It's okay to try a new lure makers' product out at discount rates but the bulk of your lures should come from reputable lure makers. This goes for all lures whether they are made for muskrats or wolves, paying a few dollars more now can yield big dividends later.

2. Rubber boots

Whether you're trapping beaver in West Virginia or coyotes in eastern Montana, new, clean boots are a must. Hip waders are ideal for most situations and allow you to kneel or wade in comfort without distributing unwanted scent.

3. Pack basket

A good pack basket will carry your traps and gear comfortably while keeping your hands free to work. It's a huge time saver and keeps things organized.

4. Digging tool

The right digging tool for your trapline can vary based on the species you're targeting. For instance, the badger tool has a spade on one end and a solid pick on the other end. Having a versatile tool that can create small holes or huge trap beds while fitting in your pack basket is ideal.

5. Disposable stakes

Using old rebar stakes can be effective but using good disposable stakes is the best option for a lot of reasons. They are light weight, inexpensive and take the worry out of "iffy" soil conditions. As a bonus you can use them to hook your winch if you get your truck stuck!

As you finish out your list of trapping supplies this season make sure you've checked these proven necessities off your list. Buying good lures, stakes that hold and keeping everything organized and scent free will put you well on your way to a record season.

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5 Trapping Essentials You Don't Want to be Without