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Top 8 Rifles for Whitetail Deer Hunting

Here's our list of the top 8 rifles for whitetail deer hunting.

The perfect weapon: it's more or less the first ingredient in any hunter's success, and when it comes to rifles, there are plenty of options to choose from, both old stand-bys and new market additions sure to become industry classics a year or two down the road. Here are eight of our favorite rifles, but suffice to say that there are plenty more not on this list that are perfectly worthy of our endorsement.

1) Remington 700 SPS Tactical: There are a lot of great hunting rifles on the market, and deer hunters all over the world could argue for days at a time about which one is best, but it's hard to think of one more popular than the Remington 700. A rifle series rather than one specific model, there is virtually no doubt that any hunter could find their perfect rifle in a Remington.

Rifles---RemingtonPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

2) MG Arms Ultra-Light: This gun is far from inexpensive - it retails at about $3,700 - but it makes up for its exorbitant price with its lightweight design and durable construction. Hunters that spend long days in the field will love this gun for its 4.75 pound weight, but it's the stainless steel and Kevlar frame and the deadly accuracy that make the MG Arms Ultra-Light one of the best deer hunting rifles on the market.

Rifles---MG-Arms-ULPhoto via MG Arms Inc.

3) Echols Legend: Another pricy series big game rifle, most Echols Legend rifles look modest from their exterior designs, but are true livewires in the field. Custom-made and with unrivaled hunting performance, an Echols Legend rifle will never let you down.

Rifles---LegendsPhoto via Echols Rifles

4) Marlin 336 Youth: Marlin is a company with plenty of great deer hunting rifles for consumers willing to spend some time perusing the selection, but the 336 is one of our favorites. It's neither the prettiest, nor the most powerful gun on the market, but its razor-sharp accuracy, even at ranges of up to 200 yards, make it an old stand-by.

Rifles---Marlin-336Photo via Bass Pro Shops

5) Kimber 84M Montana: There's a lot to be said for beautiful rifles that also offer great performance, but there's even more to be said for a rifle like the Kimber 84M, which offers a rustic and rugged stainless steel and wood design that can take any level of abuse you throw its way. Even in the worst mud, muck, dirt, and rain you throw its way, the Kimber 84M will never jam.

Rifles---MontanaPhoto via Kimber America

6) Ruger American: Ruger is another company with plenty of great rifles to offer. We chose this light-weight, pistol-gripped rifle, whose adjustable trigger makes it easy for the picky deer hunter to find the perfect shooting feel.

Rifles---Ruger-AmericanPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

7) Ruger M77 Hawkeye Compact: Okay, okay, Ruger is too good to just pick a single rifle. Here's another lightweight beauty with a beautiful camouflage look and a scope that will aid you time and time again in assuring note-perfect accuracy.

Rifles---Ruger-M77-HawkeyePhoto via Ruger

8) Nosler M48 TGR 2010: Another fairly pricy rifle, the Nosler is nonetheless a worthwhile addition to the arsenal of any big game hunter. Built of high-quality materials and with the care of custom, handmade weaponry, it's not even surprising that the Nosler M48 costs more than $1,700.

Rifles---Nosler-M48Photo via Nosler

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Top 8 Rifles for Whitetail Deer Hunting