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The Top 7 American Restaurants Every Wild Game Eater Should Visit [PICS]

These are our picks for the best restaurants for wild game eaters.


Customarily, it’s rare to see game meat on a restaurant menu, be it venison, elk, antelope, wild boar, or something even more unusual.

In fact, finding a restaurant that actually serves game meat can be so difficult, that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of seven of our favorite game-serving restaurants in the United States.

Whether you live nearby to one of these or are simply stopping by on a vacation, each is worth your patronage.

View the slideshow to see our picks, and let us know if we left one out that you think should have been included.

Gentleman Farmer, New York

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One of the most frustrating things about living in a big city (at least for a big game hunter) is how hard it is to find time to get out into a rural area, land a deer or elk, and bring it home for meal preparation.

If the apartment blues and endless bustle of New York City is getting you down, this small Lower East Side diner might have the key to your happiness. With dishes based on bison, wild board, quail, pheasant, rabbit, and even ostrich, Gentleman Farmer provides the type of home-cooked game meals that are so difficult to come by in NYC.

Sammy’s Wild Game Grill, Texas

Photo via Houston Press

Sammy’s Wild Game Grill is a Houston roadhouse that recently topped a list of “America’s best restaurants for meat eaters” from Fox News. Unlike most of the restaurants on this list, Wild Sammy’s Game Grill doesn’t really provide fancy or versatile presentation, but it does excel in one area above just about any other restaurant in America: burgers.

At Sammy’s, you can get a burger made from virtually any type of game meat, be it venison, elk, antelope, buffalo, yak, kangaroo, pheasant, ostrich, and more. Best of all, the meat on the list is all natural, completely free of hormones, preservatives, antibiotics, or other impurities.

Saskatoon Restaurant, South Carolina

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Saskatoon Restaurant is a rustic hunting lodge in Greenville, South Carolina is justifiably known throughout the country by lovers of wild game cuisine.

The menu is jam-packed with game dishes, as well as with more conventional surf and turf options. The game dishes range from appetizers (the world-famous wild game sausages, which are made from “the Chef’s selection of three unique sausages”) to “Lodge Specialties” like elk tenderloin and buffalo flank steak. In addition to such essential standards, the Saskatoon Restaurant menu often boasts specials using other more unique meats, including pheasant, emu, and even bear.

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The Gun Barrel Steak & Game House, Wyoming

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With a name like that, it’s incredibly evident right away that this Jackson Hole establishment is a restaurant for game meat enthusiasts. Better yet, the Gun Barrel Steak & Game House is actually situated in what used to be a wildlife and taxidermy museum, so you know it maintains the atmosphere that a hunting-esque restaurant should.

The menu focuses on bison and buffalo meat, with slow-roasted buffalo ribs, succulent sirloins, and more ranking as some of the most popular dishes. For those who aren’t looking for buffalo meat, the Gun Barrel serves venison and elk meat, as well.

The Sergeantsville Inn, New Jersey

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You probably won’t find many lists of game meat restaurants that don’t include this 17th-century haunt in Sergeantsville, New Jersey. There’s good reason for that, since the Sergeantsville Inn consistently serves up some of the most interesting game meals out there.

By presenting venison, pheasant, bison, and even farm-raised alligator in presentations that are both to-be-expected (hanger steaks) and ones that are a bit more idiosyncratic (alligator fettuccini, anyone?), the Sergeantsville Inn is just one of those places where every game lover has to eat at least once.

Saddle Peak Lodge, California

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A rustic hunting lodge turned gourmet restaurant, the Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, California is a hunter’s mecca. With taxidermy on the walls and game meat in the kitchens, it’s clear which subset of the population this hunting-minded restaurant is trying to cater to.

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Predictably, the menu is loaded with the most delicious of game-inspired dishes. Like many “fancy” restaurants, the menu changes on a nightly basis depending on what meat is available and what the chef is feeling.

Broken Arrow Ranch, Texas

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Located in Ingram, Texas, Broken Arrow Ranch might actually be the definitive source for purchasing game meat in America.

While not a restaurant per se – you’ll have to prepare the meat at home – Broken Arrow Ranch is a great place to go if you have a hankering for high-quality venison, antelope, or wild boar meat. Touting themselves as an “artisanal producer of high quality free-range venison, antelope, and wild boar meat,” Broken Arrow Ranch always provides meat not from animals that are simply raised for the slaughter, but from animals given the same freedom of game.

It’s not difficult to understand why many restaurants use Broken Arrow as a supplier of game meat, as the ranch’s numerous offerings – filets, loins, and chili meat, to name a few – cover all mealtime bases.

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