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Top 6 Shotgun Shell Wreaths

‘Tis the season, y’all, so why not decorate with the leftovers from your favorite pastime? We’ve rounded up the best holiday shotgun shell wreaths out there so you can deck the halls with sportsman-worthy decorations. Easy to purchase from sellers on Etsy, probably even easier to make on your own if you’ve been skeet shooting recently. Check out the top contenders below.

6. Classic Burlap & Shells

Nothing too crazy here, just a classic homage to the shotgun shell. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to keep it simple.

il_fullxfull.390512312_gkggImage via: Etsy. Available for sale via Winey Blonde Boutique.

5. The “Bundle” Wreath

Like a bundle of joy, this wreath could easily decorate your door or any part of your house to imbibe a room with the holiday spirit.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.45.57 AMImage via: Etsy. Available for purchase via: Warden Wife.

4. The “Light’Er Up” Wreath

Who’s not a fan of Christmas lights? Kill two birds with one wreath by hanging this guy on your front door.

il_570xN.438699383_4va0Image via: Etsy. Purchase via: Shotgun Shell Creation

3. Flower Power Wreath

This may not be the wreath you’d want to hang on your door during the holidays, but what about the rest of the year? Spring has sprung in this adorable creation, and we’re loving it.

il_570xN.456764265_nfyiImage via: Etsy. Purchase via: DasCrafty

2. “All That Glitters is Gold” Wreath

While we’re slightly obsessed with the color gold here, this wreath is beautiful for more reasons that its color. We love the green/gold combination and addition of the thick, full winter leaves. A beauty for your door in any season.

il_570xN.531878554_jxwuImage via: Etsy. Purchase via: Warden Wife

1. Duck Dynasty Wreath

No surprise here that Duck Dynasty is topping our list for favorite wreaths. The wholesome Duck Commander bunch is the perfect accessory for your entryway, letting friends and family know you’re all “happy, happy, happy” to see them.

il_570xN.508663642_offgImage via: Etsy. Purchase via: Love And Lusk Designs

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Top 6 Shotgun Shell Wreaths