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Top 6 Funniest Hunting Texts Ever [PICS]

Running Sane

Here are 6 of the funniest hunting texts ever sent. Be sure to grab some popcorn and settle in.

For many years technology has been advancing at an almost dizzying pace, and with new technology comes new opportunities. Opportunities to be more productive, to connect with other people, and to gain new information.

New technology also offers new ways to be entertained, and perhaps the most entertaining technological development of the last decade has been the cellphone autocorrect feature. Relying on a computer chip to decide what we’re actually trying to say, while intended to keep us from looking stupid, often goes horribly and hilariously wrong.

While we’ve all read about unfortunate autocorrects in all types of messages, the hunting world hasn’t been an exception. Here is a list of the 6 funniest hunting texts ever, all of which come from a run-in with autocorrect.

Some are innapropriate. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Image via
Running Sane

This text was shared by a wife whose husband is a hardcore deer hunter. While the combination of autocorrect and thumbs that are numb from exposure can produce messages that are a bit confusing, this one takes the cake.

Either this hunter is trying to say he saw a deer about 400 yards away, or he’s forgiving his wife for everything but the corn…whatever that means.

Or his stand is hung near a bicycle path?


Image via Damn You Autocorrect
Damn You Autocorrect

While we tried to keep this one G-rated, you can probably read between the lines. Let’s hope that this hunter didn’t have any romantic interest towards the person he’s texting.

Also, anyone who has a hunting buddy named Kevin may want to clear a few things up.


Image courtesy of
Autocorrect Fail

This unfortunate message comes, you guessed it, from a dating app. This poor guy is trying to land a date with someone who he’s never met.

After this, he probably never will.

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Image courtesy of
Damn You Autocorrect

This is not the sort of message a wife wants to receive from her husband.

The wife who submitted this tells the story this way:

 My husband was out hunting and I was telling him to grab something to eat on the way home as we weren’t having a ‘real’ dinner and had just snacked for dinner.

While she was snacking, her husband apparently hadn’t seen any Amy beer (not a brand we’re familiar with), hadn’t seen any hoes, and felt the need to call himself a piece of lumber. “Board” is a piece of lumber; “bored” is being in a state of boredom.

There aren’t any prostitutes, craft beer, or lumber retailers in any woods that we’re aware of either. Sorry buddy.


Image via
BK Horton

Finally, a hunting text that goes the hunter’s way! Every hunter dreams of receiving a message like this from their significant other, and we’re sure this person took full advantage of Katie’s mistake.

Wouldn’t you?


Image via
Damn You Autocorrect

While not strictly hunting related, this one was too good to pass up. While it’s unclear why spellcheck associates guns with gynecologists and obstetrics, the fact that it went to someone who is anti-gun is justice. Sweet, sweet justice.


These are our top six funniest hunting texts ever. While new technological developments can help us become better hunters, they can also make us feel pretty stupid.

At least we get to enjoy laughing at other peoples misfortune.

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Top 6 Funniest Hunting Texts Ever [PICS]