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These Are the Top 5 Worst Carry Guns Ever

If you are looking to protect yourself, these carry guns might be the worst choices ever.

Without spoiling too much of the video you typically want carry guns to be compact and have some knock down power if you are planning on carrying it around for self defense.

These guns probably will not cut it. However, if you do, for some reason, decide to carry any one of these be sure to have a plan B after you shoot your first round!

There is absolutely no telling how old some of these guns might be. Some could date back to World War II if not earlier than that, proven by the flintlock pistol.

Not only is it super inaccurate, it would take you up to five minutes before you could fire off a second shot. This may have been the carry gun of choice in the 1700s, but today you might just want to leave it in a glass case as a memorabilia.

Many of these hilarious 'carry guns' are way oversize including the full size .22 pistol. If this is the only gun you own for protection, you might want to go with some other form of protection as a backup. Maybe a bat or a frying pan.

Not only is it bulky, but the caliber is also tiny. It may be best to either get a more compact size gun or a gun with a little more power. Or both.


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These Are the Top 5 Worst Carry Guns Ever