5 Venison Chili Recipes Everyone Will Love

If you’re in the mood for the manliest of meals, chili is your best friend.

Sure, stews are versatile and delicious, but chili packs a punch that no other soup-like dish can match – the reason is in its name. Now that we’ve established the greatness of chili, let’s get on to the next big point – venison chili may be one of the greatest ways to eat wild game.

After a successful deer hunting season, you should naturally have a good amount of venison ready for experimenting and satisfying.

Food is subjective, though, so whichever way you like your meat, at least check out some of our favorite venison chili recipes below, and try one. It might just become your new favorite.

1. No Frills, No Heat Venison Chili

Being from Texas, I personally think it’s a crime to make chili without chilies, but to each his/her own. This simple recipe is easy enough to whip up and will make for an all-around crowd pleaser for those who like to be able to season things on their own. This recipe calls for ground pork to add fat to the very lean venison meat, but you could also use 80/20 beef if you so desired.

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2. Venison Chili Con Carne

Something about bacon makes it the perfect addition to everything. No, seriously, everything – even chocolate. This chili recipe includes some of my favorite pepper (chipotle), a little dose of jalapeno, and a hearty portion of bacon to add fat to the lean venison meat. If you only have ground venison available, this recipe is still possible, though we do recommend using the stew meat to get the correct texture.

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3. Hearty Chunk Venison Chili

While this recipe comes from someone who definitely didn’t know how good they had it with being gifted a backstrap, I’m still a fan of the soaking meat in vinegar method, which will definitely give you a unique, tender texture. If you’ve got a rump roast or some other large cut of meat you’re not sure what to do with, this recipe is for you.

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4. No Beans, Tex-Mex Style Venison Chili

If you like a little zest to your chili, here’s a good one. Tex-Mex is one of the great benefits of living down South, where finding things like Mexican Oregano isn’t that difficult. If you’re up North, though, check out your local organic supermarket or make a visit to a specialty spice shop. They’re likely to carry it, as well as all of the other tasty spices you’ll need to complete this recipe.

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5. The Chile-Lover’s Venison Chili

We’re huge fans of Hank Shaw over at Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook, and this recipe stands as witness to his mastery of wild game meats and traditional cooking methods. Like Hank mentions in his recipe, this can be tweaked to serve your own chili preferences, but what we like so much about it is the dried chiles he purees with coffee to serve as the “backbone” of this dish. If you’re serious about making a chili that would rival any state cook-off, this is the one.

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