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Top 5 Turkey Hunt Videos You Won’t Want To Miss!

Check out these amazing top five turkey hunt videos!

Here’s a little inspiration for this season’s turkey hunt. These videos are hilarious and amazing to watch. The suspense is intense, but well worth playing the waiting game with these birds.

Watch these videos and share your favorite in the comments below.

1) Epic Triple Turkey Hunt

A young hunter goes turkey hunting for the first time and ends up with beginners luck! He gets the biggest out of three turkeys.

2) Confused Turkey Walks Right Up To Hunter

This hunter has mastered his disguise and turkey call. This bird walks right up to him until it is too late!

3) Arrow After Arrow

These hunters take down turkey after turkey with their skilled bow and arrow. We couldn’t believe how many turkeys they actually came across!

4) First Timer’s Reaction is Hysterical!

Do you remember your first hunt? This woman is beyond thrilled with her first attempt. Her reaction is hysterical!

5) Turkeys Turn On Each Other

Once one goes down, the others return to attack the bird on the ground. You won’t believe how aggressive they get!

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I think I’ll be hearing turkey calls for the rest of the day, but these videos were amazing!

Share your thoughts below!

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Top 5 Turkey Hunt Videos You Won’t Want To Miss!