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Top 5 Truck Rifles for Concealable Storage and Quick Usability

There’s probably nothing more American than driving trucks with guns in them, giving birth to the idea of truck rifles.

Check out these top five rifle picks from the guys at Moss Pawn and Gun.

While they did do a great presentation of some small and compact rifles, not everyone else can get their hands on SBR type weapons like they showed, especially for reliable truck rifles. So let’s show a more reasonable list.

1. AR15: The AR15 is still one of the most versatile rifles that can be stored easily in any truck. Especially if you get a collapsible stock and can manage a 16 inch barrel configuration, the rifle will store neatly in a midsize or larger pick up.

2. Remington 870: Pump action shotguns are totally reliable and again very easily stored in a truck. When looking to deploy rounds quickly the shotgun will hold 7 rounds of buckshot that will help knock down targets quickly.

3. AK47: The AK47 is very concealable in any truck. Collapsible, sideways folding, and under folding stocks allow this rifle to quickly shave off inches from the rear and store neatly.

4. Ruger 10-22: The Ruger 10-22 is a very lightweight rifle that can be quickly taken down in half and stored inside of a vehicle. The .22LR is probably the most plentiful to carry in a compact size. You can easily store about 100-200 rounds in a box equivalent to a shotgun shell box of 25 rounds. The Ruger is also very affordable and can be customized to the desired specifications as after market parts are plentiful.

5. Marlin 336: The 336 is a solid truck rifle and is arguably the rifle that has the most amount of “mileage” under its belt. Used since the last 1890’s the rifle has been across the US through trails and roads. The 336 is also a 30-30 center fire cartridge that delivers a wallop at almost 2000 foot pounds of energy per cartridge.

Choose wisely and feel free to contribute to the discussion of what you think is a solid truck gun. This list is not exhaustive but more of a basic beginning list of what to look for in a truck rifle. Stay vigilant and keep training.

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Top 5 Truck Rifles for Concealable Storage and Quick Usability