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Top 5 Summer Smallmouth Bass Lures

summer smallmouth lures

These five summer smallmouth lures are all you need for the big ones.

Smallmouth bass are known for their hard-fighting nature and acrobatic abilities. During the summer they can become predictable, feed in "wolf packs" and seek out current. These summer smallmouth lures will help you land more of them.

1. Drop Shot


The drop shot rig makes the list for each and every season when it comes to smallmouth fishing. They are suckers for a soft plastic worm fished this way. The choices for what to rig on your hook are endless.

Three to five inch soft plastic worms, creatures or other styles will work fine. Match the hatch by using the right size, shape and color of the forage in your local waters.

2. Walking Topwater Baits


When the heat is on, smallmouth bass will destroy topwater walking baits. There are many great ones to choose from and nowadays they just about everyone on the market will walk extremely well and come equipped with sharp hooks and a nice finish.

Color choice is often debated when fishing topwaters, so it may not matter which one you choose. Can they even see the finish? The most important thing is the color on the underside of the bait. This is what they see first and a white, clear or light colored belly best imitates a baitfish.

3. Swimbaits


The smallmouth bass loves to chase food and the swimbait is a perfect choice to play into their aggressive nature. Swimbaits in the 3-4 inch sizes on a jighead are the perfect size snack for smallmouth. They are easily one of the best summer smallmouth lures.

The best choice is to fish them on a jighead. A variety of weights available, so you can fish them shallow to deep and everywhere in between. A good rule of thumb is to use less than a ¼ oz. for water less than 15 feet and heavier as you move down the depths. With that being said, you can use whatever size best fits your retrieve style and action.

4. Football Jig


Like many bass anglers, smallmouth are fans of football. It is like they sense the upcoming college and NFL season and seek out football shaped objects. A football head, either skirted or with a double tail grub is an excellent choice this time of year.

There are many different size options here. A ½-oz. model is a standard offering and will allow you to fish as deep as you want to. Go lighter or heavier depending on depths, but key on rocks, points and deep weedlines for your best success.

5. Hair Jigs


This one is probably the least utilized of the five summer smallmouth lures listed. Hair jigs, especially those of the marabou variety can mimic small baitfish, crawfish, leeches and other small prey.

With a variety of sizes and colors of these top summer smallmouth lures you cast to any available current and the bronzebacks will be waiting.


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Top 5 Summer Smallmouth Bass Lures