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Top 5 Spookiest Places to Camp this Halloween

Mark Rodriguez

Darkness falls across the land... Mischief and Halloween go hand in hand. Try to last a night in the 5 spookiest places in the country. 

Let's do something naughty, something in the spirit of the holidays. Let's camp out someplace spooky, and tell ghost stories. Maybe we'll see an apparition or a ghoul. Anything is possible, and weirder things have happened. Check out the top 5 spookiest places to camp this Halloween.


5. Stepp Cemetary - Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Indiana

Stone 2

Story goes that an old woman, accused of being a witch, is said to roam the wooded area around the cemetery. It is believed that a group of fraternity boys, during an initiation, took her german shepard and hung it upside down from a tree branch and gutted it. When the old woman stumbled across her dog, she is said to have cursed the boys and the cemetery.

One day, an old caretaker for the cemetery was resting one day after looking over the graves, when a large truck rolled onto the grounds carrying huge logs. The old caretaker was taken by surprise as the latch on the truck, holding the logs, snapped and crushed him, smearing blood all over the the graves.

The cemetery is still in use today.

4. The Devil's Backbone - San Antonio, Texas


The three men who own this land believe to have more ghosts and spooky occurrences than any other place in the country. They claim to have been followed by different spirits as they travel through, once by a Native American spirit, another time by a Civil War soldier's ghost. Nobody can explain this strange phenomena at the Devil's Backbone, but it's safe to say that it is an ominous place, where many tragic events have unfolded in the past.

3. Black Star Canyon - Santa Ana Mountains, California


Many legends surround this canyon. In 1831, an entire tribe of Native Americans were slaughtered here, in their holy place. With his last breath, the chief of that tribe cursed the land for all time, leading to reports of paranormal activity and strange cultist type behavior. Thrill-seekers have returned from the Canyon with horrifying tales of ghosts and specters, some even claim they were chased off.

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2. The Hanging Grounds - Fayette County, Georgia


Off of Padgett Road, you'll find the Hanging Grounds, which once belonged to Old Man Padgett. One day, Old Padgett was setting up to lynch a few of his slaves, for whatever reason, when one broke loose, and hung Padgett from the nearby railroad bridge, before making his escape. It is said that on cold, clear nights the ghost of Old Padgett still walks the tracks looking for his killer.

1. Garnet - Garnet Mountain Range, Montana


Nearly 50 miles outside of Missoula, you'll find this deserted town, said to be haunted by ghosts. Caretakers who still live nearby have reported hearing  doors shutting, when none were present. If you decide to visit there today, and stay after the sun goes down, you can still hear sounds coming from Kelly's Saloon, where the town would host their dances and community festivities. People even claim to get close enough to hear music, but when they walk in it suddenly stops.

What are some of your favorite haunted or spooky places to camp? Share below.

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Top 5 Spookiest Places to Camp this Halloween