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Top 5 RVs and Trucks for Your Next Hunting Trip

Earth Roamer

Not everyone has the luxury of a hunting cabin tucked away back in a little valley amidst towering mountains and singing pines.

Some people have to take hunting camp with them and it’s wherever they happen to be. This is for those adventurous spirits.

Trying to narrow down the best possible choices is tough. However, we were able to make it happen for just about any budget

1. Earth Roamer

earth roamer
Earth Roamer

The Earth Roamer is an 100 percent American-made product. They are built and outfitted in Colorado by people that understand adventure.

They are built on a Ford F550 frame and is the best selling vehicle of its type in the world, according to the Earth Roamer website. They come in various models and all are built for action.

earth roamer inside
Earth Roamer

Image courtesy Earth Roamer.

While the body and frame are built for ruggedness, the interior is designed for creature comforts. You don’t have to leave your life of ease behind just because you’re hunting. After a long, hard day in the woods or mountains, you can kick back and relax in pleasure when you’re staying in an Earth Roamer.

2. Customized Bigfoot Hunting RV

Crypto Reports

This is where old emergency vehicles go to die. The guys at Crypto Reports turned this old ambulance into a Bigfoot hunting headquarters. This father and son team didn’t stop with a mere mobile hotel room.

Crypto Reports

This machine is decked out with state of the art thermal imaging system , satellite tracking system, and digital camouflage wrap.

Crypto Reports

You can find old ambulances for anywhere between $820 and $25,000 depending on condition and age. The one thing you must have is the imagination to make it cool.

3. Mini-Camper

Trend Hunter

Mobile living at its best. Slap some off-road tires on this bad boy and hit the trail. Mini-campers give up the luxury of satellite and lounging, but offers small-space comfort.

Trend Hunter

These campers are available in a variety of sizes and expenses. If you don’t want to give up your posh dwellings, try an upgraded version.

4. Tundra Sportsman Project Truck

Pickup Truck News

The Toyota Tundra, as well as most any full-size trucks, is easily customized with the only limitation being your imagination. Okay, perhaps you may also be limited by budget.

Pickup Truck News

Either way, this Tundra ought to give you a world of ideas.

Pickup Truck News

5. Jeep Wrangler with Action Camper

Auto Blog

One of the most versatile vehicles ever made is the Jeep Wrangler. The Action Camper comes as a kit and fits your Wrangler Unlimited. It’s a great two person camper that can go anywhere your Jeep can go.

Auto Blog

The design is patterned off the old Jeep ambulance and is made by an Austrian company.

Auto Blog

The Action Camper Kit comes standard with sink, toilet and beds as well as 4 fresh water tanks.

No matter where you’re going or what your budget is, there are opportunities for you to find your mobile comfort facility.



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Top 5 RVs and Trucks for Your Next Hunting Trip