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Here Are the Top 5 Places to Go on Texas Whitetail Hunts

Can you think of the top five place to go on Texas Whitetail hunts?

In a state where the deer are numerous (between 3.5-million and 4-million animals) it can be tough to limit oneself to a list of the top five places to go for whitetails. But that's our charge so let's have at it!

Cross Timbers and Post Oak Savannah

The first location on our list are the north-central Cross Timbers and Post Oak Savannah regions in the state. These areas have incredibly high deer populations and account for around half of the Lone Star state's total whitetail population.

There are 8.5-million acres in Post Oak Savannah region and almost 18-million acres in Cross Timbers and Prairies region. Gently rolling hills and several rivers run through the region, making this prime habitat for growing acorn fattened bucks.

Newton County Public Hunting

Bowhunters looking for some public hunting ground with relatively little pressure can look to eastern Texas' Newton County Public Hunting. Located in Unit 122 this 25,000 acre parcel is 'bowhunting only' and is leased from a private timber company. The region isn't known for having a lot of deer but the size of the bucks present there is impressive. The light hunting pressure is contributing to both the size of the bucks available as well as the overall population of deer in the unit.

Hill Country

texas whitetail hunts

Hunters looking for picturesque vistas of rugged, rolling hills, lush Texas vegetation, sparkling streams, and lots and lots of whitetail deer should head to the Texas Hill Country.

Ox Ranch is located in Hill Country and has been making a name for itself as a sportsman's paradise. Located north of Uvalde, around 90 miles west of San Antonio, the ranch boasts 18,000 acres of diverse habitat and a crazy variety of huntable exotics. You could conceivably bag a whitetail and any number of other exotics from buffalo to nilgai to kangaroo to zebra. Let your budget be your guide.

The ranch is proud of their service and of their whitetail population. They boldly state "We have hundreds of whitetail bucks free ranging on over 18,000 acres of Texas Hill Country. Be wary of whitetail ranches that keep their deer penned up. The majority of them are lab-created monsters that cannot survive in the wild!"

Southern Texas

Southern Texas is the home of monster whitetails, and there are plenty of hunting ranches in the region. None more noteworthy than the legendary King Ranch. With a long and storied history of both hunting for exotics as well as wildlife conservation, this ranch covers an incredible 825,000 acres and boasts around 65,000 whitetails. This ranch has it all, and most significantly for the whitetail hunter, a chance to score a massive buck.

There are also a number of public hunting lands available in the region, all of which are easier on the pocketbook and offer good opportunities for a big book. But if you've got the money, King Ranch is the place to go. They boldly declare that they offer a "number of low-fence, fair-chase hunts as part of our ongoing wildlife management program. Most of the pastures and areas on which we conduct our guiding hunting programs are larger than most ranches, and the hunter is likely to see a plethora of game and non-game species alike."

Pineywoods Wildlife Management

texas whitetail hunts

The east Texas area of Pineywoods covers approximately 15-million acres. It's got a ton of leased hunting properties, hunting ranches and public land, and many consider it the best kept secret in Texas whitetail deer hunting.

The terrain is comprised of mostly pine forests with some hardwoods mixed in. Hunting pressure is heavy here, but hundreds of thousands of deer are taken. They may not be monsters, but they make up for it in the successful kill ratio department. Your best bet is try to find a private landowner willing to lease his property to you for hunting. These won't have the monstrous acreage you see in some of the southern Texas ranches, but they will produce deer and, if you're lucky, some very good bucks.

Also, the paper and timber companies will allow hunting on their land, and you can kill some quality deer there. You may just have to compete with other hunters until you can find your spot.

When it comes to Texas whitetail hunts, there's a whole lot to choose from. Hopefully this helps sift through some of the offerings.


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Here Are the Top 5 Places to Go on Texas Whitetail Hunts