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Top 5 Movies for the Outdoorsman to Enjoy

Alone in the Wilderness

There are a myriad of videos shot by outdoorsmen and women out there, but are there true movies out there for the outdoorsman?

Not hokey spoofs or lectures on film, but truly entertaining movies that capture our heart?

Well, the answer is yes. Here are the top 5 movies for the outdoorsman.

1. The Trapper

The Last Trapper

The Trapper is a great film shot in doumentary style about a lifelong trapper in the wilderness of Alaska. The film shows how they build and make everything (for the most part) that they could need.

He builds his own snowshoes, canoe, cabin, and most basic items out of wood and leather. To watch the entire movie on YouTube, check it out here.

2. The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

Grizzly Adams

In 1974, arguably the most influential film for many outdoorsmen was filmed. The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams is about James “Grizzly” Adams and his love affair with the wilderness. He flees into the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains during the frontier era.

His befriending of a huge grizzly bear and his uncanny connection with wildlife brings an almost magical quality to this timeless film.  If you are one of the few people in the world that has never seen it, click here.  You can also check out numerous sequels.

3. My Side of the Mountain

My Side of the Mountain

My Side of the Mountain is the book brought to life. While movies never quite live up to the books on which they are based, this one is still a great work to bring to life the imagination of many generations of outdoorsmen.

4. Vertical Limit

Vertical Limit

Vertical Limit is a must-see for action-minded climbers. While some of the acting is hokey and the concept is quite frankly unrealistic, it is nevertheless a fun movie to watch with plenty of surprised around each corner.

Starring Chris O’Donnelland Robin Tuney, among others, this movie will make you want to hit the mountain side. Though, it is best to get some instruction from real climbers.

5. Alone In The Wilderness

Alone in the wilderness

Okay, so this technially isn’t a Hollywood-style entertainment movie, but it is documentary full of inspiration and the stuff dreams are made of. Running parallel with the book of the same name, this tells the story of Dick Proenneke and his life in a remote area of the Alaskan wilderness. This is a must-see, and the book is a must read.

The next time you find yourself in need for something to watch while vegging out on the couch, take a look at one of these classics or not-so-classic movies.


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Top 5 Movies for the Outdoorsman to Enjoy