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Top 5 Moose Hunting Videos to Inspire Your Season

moose hunting

Check out these breath taking moose hunting adventures caught on video!

From up close and personal to tough bulls that refuse to go down, these amazing videos will make your jaw drop! We couldn’t believe what we were seeing!

1) Too Close and Too Personal!

You won’t believe how close this moose gets to these bowhunters. This encounter takes “up close and personal” to another level! Take a look:

2) Hunter’s Point of View with a Shotgun

This moose hunt is quick as the moose comes running towards the hunter. The moose hesitates for a second and the hunter takes advantage of it. This video is shot in a fun first-person point of view!

3) How Many Shots Does It Take?

After firing multiple shots, the moose finally falls to the ground. The first few shots don’t even phase this enormous 62″ bull moose!

4) Nerves of Steel

This hunter must have nerves of steel to stay this steady for so long with the moose in such close quarters. Don’t miss this video:

5) Third Time’s a Charm!

It takes three shots to take down this huge bull moose. After the third shot, this moose goes down hard. Take a look:

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Top 5 Moose Hunting Videos to Inspire Your Season